Flute- and Piccolocases

These foam padded little bags take either a single flute case or a combination of Flute case and Piccolo. The Piccolo combi-bag has a well-balanced and well-padded outside pocket which serves as additional storage space if not taken up by a Piccolo case.


Our main customers are harp manufactures in and outside Germany. But dealers and harpists are also supplied with custom made individual bags. Paper tracings and precise measurements are required with order. The bags show the typical Supersac features: leather trim, string peg padding, outside pocket and adjustable shoulder strap. Bags are double padded. Covers*, mainly for the traditional Alpine Folk Instruments, have a single layer of foam lining and a zipper along the front column.

* Covers are open at the base.


Again we have a large family of bags, form the straight soprano to the baritones, to chose from. To protect the sensitive keys of the instruments we have inserted between the inner lining and the outer material a layer of semi-rigid foam. All bags have leather trim, outside pockets and adjustable shoulderstraps.


Front and back in double padding, inner semi-rigid frame between body and zipper. Leather handles, adjustable shoulder- and rucksack straps and wide outside pocket.


Both styles have a large inner frame, running the full length of the body with an opening for the end pin. The bags are double padded, have leather trim, several well placed handles, adjustable shoulderstraps and rings for rucksack straps. The bow pockets take either standard size bow cases or our foam insert. In addition to two large music and string pockets at the back, the bass bag has two large pockets at the front to take the usual accessories.

Drum-, cymbal- and Stick bags

Percussion bags of all shapes and sizes are made mainly as original equipment for manufactures – but also for dealers. As a rule the bags have single plush-covered foam lining and leather trim. Shoulder straps and outside pockets are optimal extras.


Supersac bags for these two instruments have no longer anything in common with the leatherette covers of past years. The typical s features, like reinforced inner frame and impeccable made-to-measure fit take these bags into another category. Important features are the reinforced inner frame and the extra protection of the string pegs. Leather trim, outside pocket and adjustable shoulder strap are standard.

Mouthpiecepouches, accessory pouches and shoulder-straps

Our mouthpiece pouches for one, two, three and four mouthpieces for Trumpets, Trombones and Tubas are lined with the same burgundy plush we use in our lining. The same material is used for our 25 x 15 cm soft pouches with velcro closing which complement and match our instrument bags.Our rucksack- and shoulderstraps in black and brown are made of woven microfibres. The leather ends are stitched and riveted and fitted with a spring loaded rotary hook.


Small bag for medium sized Cornets. Also takes piccolo Trumpets and small signal instruments. Interior finish in typical Supersac style: semi-rigid inner frame, covered zipper, leather handles and leather trim, adjustable shoulder strap – no outside pocket. Trumpet same as Cornet, but with outside pocket.


The most typical example of the Supersac range, with the customary semi-rigid inner frame, reinforced bell and adjustable shoulderstrap, plus two zippered outside pockets.

Double Brass

This double bag was originally designed for two Trumpets only. In the meantime we also make a slightly higher bag for two Flugel horns. Our well thought-out removable insert permits endless instrument/accessory combinations, limited only by the height of the instruments. From Trumpet with mute, Trumpet with music stand, Flugel with thermoflask to the big double bag for two Flugel horns (Kanstul!) any combination is possible. Double padding, reinforced floorpart, two outside zippered pockets and adjustable shoulder strap are standard.


In its latest edition, this classical bag, which we have been making since the early 70s, consists of two parts: front section for the bell and rear section with padded inner frame for the body. A mouthpiece pocket in the bell section and a zippered pocket at the back of the body section, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap complete the standard bag.


Right from the start, this bag was designed to be a rucksack, consequently the adjustable backstraps are permanently fixed to the bag. There is a small leather handle at the top end of the bag. A movable padded divider for a two-instrument combination or a cradle insert for piccolo Trumpet and two standard size Trumpets turn this rucksack into an extremely flexible container – even for the professional player. The interior is typically Supersac; with a semi-rigid padded inner frame generously overlapping the zipper. A flat outsidepocket and a detachable shoulder strap complete the standard features.

Tenor horn/Baritone/Euphonium

In this group we are offering a very extensive selection of bags ranging from the straight, small Besson Tenor horn to the large Euphonium. Design: typical Supersac, padded semi-rigid inner frame, outside pocket, leather trim and adjustable shoulderstrap.

Triple Brass

Similar to Double Bag – but bigger, this bag with piccolo cradle insert, takes two Trumpets or two Flugel horns plus Cornet or piccolo Trumpet in the cradle – the combinations depend on the overall volume of all instruments in the bag. With three instruments in the bag, not one part of any instrument can touch another.


All trombone bags have a fully padded wooden slide box fitted into the outside zippered pocket. The slide is simply inserted over its full length form the top. A removable interior accessory pouch is fitted with Velcro strips and can be attached to the inner lining at any convenient point. Bell section is reinforced, double lining, leather trim and adjustable shoulderstrap.


Design – typical s; same as Trumpet bag. When ordering specify piston- or rotary valve instrument. For extra-wide piston instruments like Courtois, Bach, Kanstul, King, Yamaha etc. we have special patterns. Remember when ordering – we want the bag to fit like a tailor-made suit.


For all popular Czech, English, German, Japanese and Swiss Instruments we have individual patterns (± 200). Otherwise we work from paper tracings or to measurements given on a simple sketch. The tuba bag is double padded, has reinforced lining opposite the valves, leather handles and sixed rucksack straps. A large music pocket is at the back an a small leatherhandle under the rim of the bell to hold the instrument when carrying it upright. The main zip is at the bell, but can be fitted to the binding.


An especially well-designed bag usually ordered in dark-green CORTEX with saddle leather trim. Double padding, reinforced inner frame, outside pocket and detachable shoulderstrap. For most models of the leading German manufactures, bags are always in stock. For any other model we require a paper tracing with your order, as the bell/mouthpiece angle does vary.


Our Sousaphone Supersac is a super Supersac in the best sense of the word. The large bell section sits in a double padded cone in the middle of the bag, the body fits over the cone and rests against the padding of the bell. An outside leather-supported strap runs around the entire circumference of the bag and acts as shoulder strap.